Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Separating Fact from Opinion

This blog strives to never blur the lines between fact and opinion.  When I make a claim to a fact, I back it up (or, in rare instances, state that I cannot verify the claim, but... yeah, that is catty, and that's why it is rare).

Isn't a pity 's campaign can't do the same?   Visit this ad from the Obama Campaign - titled Deception -  and note the names that follow each of the mastheads for the various pull-quotes.

  • Joe Klein - Time Magazine
  • E.J. Dionne - Washington Post
  • Christopher Orr - New Republic
  • Steve Benen - CBS News
  • Frank James - Chicago Tribune
With a listing of sources like Time, WaPo, CBS News, ChicTrib, you'd think these were all news stories.   Further investigation finds that each of these authors are opinion writers.   Political talking-heads - not that being one is a bad thing, but that is quite different from hard news reporting.

I suppose if you can't beat on the facts, you need to find certain opinions to make your case.

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