Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sen. Obama needs to fight the smears his supportors spread

WHEN you point a finger, the old say ing goes, three fingers point back at you. When it comes to accusing his opponents of spreading vicious rumors, needs to pull back his finger and follow the other three.

Told of accusations that members of his team facilitated the avalanche of smears against GOP veep nominee Sarah Palin, he scoffed: “I am offended by that statement; there is no evidence at all that any of this involved us.” Obama insisted: “We don’t go after people’s families, we don’t get them involved in the politics. It is not appropriate and it is not relevant. Our people were not involved in any way in this and they will not be.”

Hmm. Depends on the meaning of “our people.” The new issue of Us Weekly hits newsstands Friday - hitting millions of readers with a smirk-attack on Gov. Palin, shown with her youngest son, Trig, in a photo plainly chosen to make her look weird.

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