Thursday, September 18, 2008

Halloween, Scarecrows, Wedding Receptions

I attended a meeting last night of a committee that is planning an outdoor Halloween event for a group of deserving kids (the exact details of the group, the plan, etc. are too numerous for a quick post).

The discussion came to decorations, and one of the members asked if there was a budget for those 3' tall scarecrows on stakes, the kind that could be easily inserted into the grass.

The executive director of the group smiled broadly and replied:

I know just the kind you mean! I have 3 dozen scarecrows I am going to use for my wedding reception!

The entire group fell silent for a moment, until I added I bet there's not another woman in the world who has ever strung those words together in a single sentence.

I later learned the gal really, really likes Autumn.

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