Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin, candidate for Vice President

brought a considerable buzz to 's campaign this weekend. Some say it was a much needed spark, and I would agree to a point. With many positive factors - some outside of the campaign, itself - and his campaign had a particularly terrific 7 day news cycle last week.

For starters, Political Conventions are great media draws. Add to that a slow week, and the routine wall-to-wall coverage (enhanced by the unmistakable media bias) and the buzz was quite loud. And that's not counting the spectacular stadium speech by Sen. Obama Thursday night. So without even discussing the message of the campaign, itself, it's easy to see what kind of attention Obama had last week.

So on Friday, McCain introduced Sarah Palin to the nation (some already knew of her, as I mentioned last week). A palpable jolt was felt across the union. She's certainly not a Washington, DC insider. She's capable. She's accomplished. And while it has been said in many places before, it's worth saying again: any mother of 5 is skilled in getting things done.

But as the nation became excited about her background, the threat of Hurricane Gustav started to dampen the spirits of all .... (well, maybe not all, see: here, here and here ). The GOP correctly tuned-down Monday's events at the Convention, but they've ramped up for a restart today.

On Monday, Team McCain reported Palin's 17 year old daughter was pregnant. This, after a weekend of smears from the Left daring to accuse Gov. Palin of faking her recent birth to her youngest son as that belonging to her daughter. Immediately after this news, rags began to call Bristol Palin a slut (please remember, this blog frequently asks which political party is the one always accused of being mean-spirited!).

The way the Palin family has embraced their daughter (and soon to be grandchild) speaks volumes to all people, young and old. While I am can imagine there were tense moments some 2-3 months ago, I am willing to bet any money the use of the terms punished for a mistake. That her daughter is pregnant is, of course, an issue that cannot be simply overlooked. Yet the media has a responsibility not to stalk her, to follow her every step of every day. The media have already spent far, far too much time over this issue, ignoring all of the historical limits on the invasion of privacy to other children of presidents. The difference here, of course, is that the same biased media is hoping to derail the McCain/Palin ticket.

None of this, mind you, will cloud the overall accomplishments of Sarah Palin, or deter her from serving as Vice President. Her skills as an executive trump any Sen. Obama claims to have. Her ability to negotiate - on.her.terms - with Oil Companies (a/k/a Big Oil) shows she is a serious player. Her push for ethics in state politics have actually led her to one of the few controversies in her administration, one she could have avoided had she wanted to take an easier path. Her political career was self-built, not relying on any one's coat-tails.

The front page of today's NY TIMES has three different stories on Gov. Palin's daughter, alleged exposes, yet precious little coverage on the background of Sen. Obama; this is indicative of the concern the Left has over the McCain/Palin ticket. And how they will not stop at any limits to keep them out of office.

A big concern the Liberals should have: my colleague in the office, with whom I've had more than a few heated discussions debates, who has been a steadfast supporter of Sen. Obama, has conceded he's now leaning towards to Sen. McCain. While he found parity in Sen. McCain's & Obama's platform (I'm still scratching my head on that one), he was dismayed at Sen. Biden's selection for VP. He sees Palin as the change Washington, DC really needs, and that her suggested inexperience trumps Obama's, as she would be #2, learning the role, whereas Obama would be starting at a loss from day 1. Who knew he'd ever consider not voting for Obama?

This blogger is backing Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin, and will do what I can to point out the extreme media bias and mean-spirited coverage, while also continuing to expose the Obama Campaign's clouded (at best) message, and damaging proposals.

63 days to go; it's only going to get worse before it gets better; buckle up!

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