Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate one in the books

The first Presidential Debate for the 2008 election is in the books.

Sen. John McCain did better than many expected against Sen. Barack Obama, who did quite well, himself.

Sen. Obama struck first a decisive blow, in my mind, in the opening question - possibly due to the toss of the coin - with his handling of the economic issue currently facing the banking and financial industry.  That's not to say I agree with Sen. Obama's position - far from it! - but he presented his position, I believe, marginally better than Sen. McCain did.  For much of the first 30-40 minutes, Sen. Obama often had Sen. McCain on defense.

Throughout the rest of the evening, Sen. McCain countered every false claim Sen. Obama made, and several times McCain caught Obama with his own words.  And over a half-dozen times, Sen. Obama conceded he agreed with Sen. McCain - look for those sound-bites to be repeated.

And if nothing else, on the issue of pure class, Sen. McCain repeatedly referred to his opponent as Sen. Obama, whereas Sen. Obama called his opponent by his first name, over and over. 

It wasn't a slam dunk, by any means.   Both candidates did very well.

But I would be interested in reading/hearing from those who disagree that Sen. McCain walked away having won the debate.

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