Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thoughts on Sen. McCain's possible VP

Continuing with last week's predictions, here are my thoughts on 's VP possibilities:

  •  Ms. Fiorina's selection would do well for those who don't follow politics closely.  She would be a female, and (to date) would come with A LOT less baggage than did did when she was nominated for the VP under .   She does have a lot of executive experience which has been slandered in some circles (as COB of HP, she initiated the merger with Compaq; soon after, the dot-com bubble burst, and HP's market value suffered more due to the recent merger).  But she lacks any formal political experience, outside of her consulting work for Sen. McCain; this could be both an asset and liability to Sen. McCain.
  •  Be it his questionable voting record, or his outlandishly foolish NRA joke, he would not help the ticket.  And do not get me started about the certain unresolved allegations involving his Eagle Scout son.
  •  An experienced politician, a strong Conservative.  Other than an unfair criticism about her being 65, I can't think of any problems with her, personally, being VP other than he own statement in February that she doesn't want the job.
  •  This blog has said a lot of positive things about Sen. Lieberman: great on national defense, war on terror, border security.   But he should not be Sen. McCain's VP; make  him Sec. Def. or Sec. State.
  •  Quite good overall.  She's 44, which makes her particularly attractive (no pun intended), and has a good executive experience.  Alaska has had a lot of issues with graft issues that have touched the state house, but not her, so that may be a distraction.  She, like Fiorina, could lure a lot of people who were disenfranchised by Sen. Clinon not getting the DNC nod.  While she's unknown in the lower 48, the fact she is from Alaska could make up for it.

     (Now that I think about it, yes I do intend the pun).
  •  Good man. Largely unknown, other than that he succeed Jesse Ventura.  Not a bad pick, however.
  •  Sen. Romney was on my short list for the top of ticket.  He would have placed better in the Caucus's had Mr. Huckabee not pushed his supporters to Sen. McCain.  In the debates, he was fantastic.  His state-run health plan he implemented in Massachusetts, however, worries me.  In fact, Hillary Clinton's plan during the primary was called Romeny-lite.   That little has been spoken of it is a good thing, but I will protest loudly if he ever starts to push it for the nation as a whole.
The problem with Hutchinson and Romney is that they're both US Senators.   Since was the last sitting senator to win the Presidency means (based on historical precedent), it could be better for McCain to have himself as the lone senator versus Sens. Obama/Biden's ticket.

We'll know tomorrow!

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