Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama wins the nomination

Well, when I am wrong I own up to it.

When my predictions go awry, I state as much.

I must admit I expected the roll-call vote to go on a.lot longer than it did. As recently as yesterday I expected a battle for the nomination. Even if didn't win, I expected to see just how close she came.

So I state for those who care to read: I was wrong: Hillary Clinton did not cause a scene at the Convention, much to the contrary of my predictions. made history last night, and he deserves the glory that goes along with it. But now, the big question: how will accepting the nomination in front of the Athens Columns at Invesco field play to middle Americans? We've heard a lot about how Republicans are allegedly out-of-touch with the average Americans; will holding court on such an elaborate stage do anything for Sen. Obama's credibility in this area?

Now, time for a show of hands: other than political junky-types like me, how many people (especially on the East coast) stayed up past Bill Clinton's speech to listen to the speech by the VP Candidate, Sen. Joe Biden?


Coming up: my prediction for Sen. McCain's VP pick...

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