Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quick Hits

Because I am so busy, all I can muster lately (especially mid-week) are snippets such as:

  • Former : OK, so this is hardly news. Nor is it really newsworthy. Then man who often spoke of two America's had the makings of a double life, himself. No editorial I can make here can match the utter hubris, disrespect and selfishness he exhibited when he explained (claimed?) that he began the extra-marital relationship during a period after she was in remission from cancer. Well, isn't that gallant?
  • Edwards' sex cover-up cost Clinton nomination: Howard Wolfson, a campaign aide to , suggested that had John Edward's admitted to his extra-marital relationship during the Democrat primary.

    Huh. Say, isn't that a lot like saying when then-former Governor appeared on CBS News' 60 Minutes and denied having a relationship with (which he later admitted to under oath in 1998), President G.H. Bush ('41') would have won re-election?
  • Olympics: Sorry, I just can't seem to get fired up this year. I am usually one to leave them on and watch, and if nothing else drop what I am doing and catch a big finish. Not so this time around. Maybe I'll watch some of the TKD matches, although the Olympic style pretty much ignores the use of the fighters' fists.
  • Review came and went: Annual review came and went. Lots of nice words. A decent percentage up, but not nearly what I believe I am worth (considering the effort I put in). July is the month I usually revise my resume' (also in January); I haven't started yet, but I may need to really review it.
  • Speaking of old employers... I have a LinkedIn account (not under this pseudonym, mind you), and unlike many others, I am fairly selective in who I link to as contacts. Call me crazy, but I believe I should actually know the person before I link to them, unlike those who have (literally) thousands of 'connections'. Be that as it may ... in what seems like a former life I worked for a value-added reseller of financial software, where I rose to the #3 position in a 6 person firm. That represented what I consider my first real job. The owner of that company, my old boss, just reached out to me in LinkedIn. It should be nice to reconnect with him after ~13 years.

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