Monday, August 18, 2008

Push Up Challenge, Week 4

Continuing with the HUNDRED PUSH-UP CHALLENGE .... (see results for end of week one , week two, & week three)

Week 4 is done... and it was a killer. In the past I grabbed a screen shot of what the goals for that week; I am way behind on posts already (not to mention some work), so I'm skipping the visual aids.

In short, I did hit my goals, but instead of Mon/Wed/Fri it was actually Mon/Wed/Sat. I doubt that extra day means I am disqualified, so I am pressing on.

Monday's goals were

  • 27/20/20/17/Max (at least 27)

That is, with a 60 second break in between each set (more if necessary), perform 27 perfect push-ups, rest, do 20 more, rest, then another 20, then a set of 17 after another rest, then do as many as you can reasonably achieve, but no less than 27. This week, instead of struggling to meet the minimum, I hit 35. Not shabby at all.

Day two was progressively harder:

  • 27/21/121/18/Max (at least 25)

On Wednesday I hit 30 in the final set.

Friday was a lost day for me, overall. So I saved the work-out for Saturday:

  • 30/22/22/20/Max (at least 27)

I only noticed now that the set for the third day this week is the same as the third set last week. Not sure if that's a typo or not. Regardless, I waited until Saturday evening, just before bed, to begin this work-out and a pumped out 30 in the last set. My arms were burning at that point.

To determine how the 5th week runs, I had to take another test... push out as many perfect push-ups as I could do. Presumeably, altho I didn't see it written anywhere, this is not to be done immediately after the final set (above), so on Sunday afternoon I cranked out 40 push-ups. I am still uncertain how I managed 45 perfect ones just 2 weeks ago, if cranking 40 yesterday was so hard for me, but that's what I did.

Week 5 is based on that 40 I made last night. Presumeably, anyone who has done the last 4 weeks should be able to perform 30 push-ups at a minimum. If not, you're to repeat week 4 and come back next week. The bands are 31-15, 36-40, and 41-45. I hit 40, so I am on the cusp of the third level, but I will stick with the second one since I worked so hard to reach #40.

Today's set:

  • 35/28/25/22/Max (>35)

And I hit 40 again. And man do my arms still burn, 6 hours later. One of the points I haven't mentioned, at least specifically, is that I am doing this challenge in tandem with my taekwondo training. See, I am anticipating being required to reach 100 push-up should I actually make it to Black Belt testing early next year, so that's what inspired me to take this challenge.

During any given TKD class, I will do at least 75 push-up in the hour work-out. And of late, those 3 sets of 25 are inclined: my feet rest on a bench, while doing the push-up. Alternatively, if the class size is small and a even number in attendence, the Mater will have us paired up: one person does a set, while the partner holds their ankles, roughly waist-high. Oh yeah....

So if I am unable to left my arms tomorrow, you'll have an idea of how well tonight's TKD class went...

Wednesday's challenge set gets even harder... click through to see for yourself...

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