Monday, August 04, 2008

House GOP tries to salvage lackluster year

Friday afternoon, (D) used her mighty gavel to end the House session, to begin their 5 week summer recess, in spite of protests from the GOP minority, who continued to discuss ways to lower fuel prices and ensure a more secure energy policy in the future.

Ms. Pelosi was so impressed with the efforts of the legislatures trying to, ahem, legislate that she turned off the lights and C-SPAN cameras and promptly headed for home.

If you've struggled to explain why the Congress' poll ratings are even lower than 's, you should have no trouble now.

On the upside, the GOP's new spine seems to do well with their constituency (why they haven't read my blog all these years is a mystery!), and as such they are planning to continue discussing the issue today, even without Madam Speaker and the rest of the House.

What is not being reported in the MSM is the simple fact Mrs. Pelosi will not allow a vote on drilling because she knows she would lose, since many of her own party now want to pursue off-shore drilling, and possibly even at , too. So instead of showing leadership, by working with members of her own party, and with the GOP, she'll turn off the lights, put her fingers in her ear and sing la la la la la I can't hear you la la la and ignore the issue. Talk about leadership.

I had high-hopes President Bush would call for the House to reconvene, but that has yet to happen.

Now that even has flip-flopped (or is it caved in?) on off-shore drilling, what will Speaker Pelosi do when she returns from her vacation? Who knows? She may well preside over a session that actually does the nation good, because, after all, this Congress really has little to show for itself.

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