Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Convention continues...

I've warned it, for many weeks.

didn't go out of her way to hurt . She did very little to help him, but she didn't hurt him.

Not really. Not obviously, at least.

There are plenty of people - some in Denver, but a.lot at home watching - who are now saying Gee... why didn't we nominate her for the top position? Why didn't Obama pick her for VP??

Let's be fair: Hillary made a lot of mistakes in the campaign: she ignored the Caucai, she dodged the snipers, etc. But while I still maintain my list of reasons why Sen. Clinton should not be president is every bit valid today as when I wrote it, and while I also maintain my list of reasons why Sen. Obama should not be president is also valid, there remains a considerable number of question marks regarding Mr. Obama's past that have not been properly vetted.

Of course, both of the candidates advocate a national health insurance program; while I abhor and will do my best to defeat any such program from becoming law, I worry more about Obama's program than I do about Clinton's.

What could not be disguised, however, was the kind of bad blood between and Mrs. Clinton. Clearly, Mrs. Obama was not pleased with Clinton last night, not only because of the prime-time slot she held, but because she recognized the message she was delivering was not what she (and the candidate) had hoped. But Clinton is not an amateur, as the Obamas are, and last night her speech made it clear to all.

Mrs. Clinton deserves a full roll-call vote, and I hope she gets it. I still stand on the belief she will attempt a coup by way of the roll-call vote, and we'll know tonight if I am right.

Stay tuned...

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