Friday, August 01, 2008

Challenge: end of week two

Continuing with the HUNDRED PUSH-UP CHALLENGE .... (see results for end of week one here)

Still working the program according to the chart for Week 2:

On day 1 this week I did 12/12/9/7/30 push-ups. Day 2 (Wednesday) I did 16/13/11/11/35 . Today I hit 15/15/12/12/37. As it's the end of the week the program asks me to perform the maximum push-ups possible. After a brief rest, I cranked out 45 perfect push-ups; I did another 5 that were, at best, wobbly.

Since I arrive at work before anyone else, I do my push-ups in the office. Doing them before 5AM just doesn't sound at all attractive, and if I push myself too much at the office, I'll be a sweaty mess, so hitting 45 is not at all a bad target for me.

I like how this schedule allows the user to build up endurance. By Labor Day I ought to be up at the goal of 100 consecutive push-ups. I

Shout-outs to Derek Semmeler, who turned me on to this program, and to the other challengers: Mark, Bill Shaw and Jughead.

I'll be checking for their status tonight!

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