Monday, August 04, 2008

Are you going along with #dontgo ?

On Friday, the GOP minority in House of Representatives began to demand a vote on a new energy policy. Speaker of the answered by shutting off C-SPAN, shutting of the lights in the House, and dismissed the House body and headed out on 5 week vacation.

The members of the House that stayed behind, in spite of having the light turned out on them, began to blog and Tweet about their discussions and plans, even without the Speaker or any Democrat remaining behind.

In order to provide a simple method to track all related Tweets, the Reps started tagging their posts with . To follow their discussions, go to (where you can also sign their petition).

Even if Speaker Pelosi is proud of her do-nothing Congress, you have to admire these Congresspeople for staying and making their point known. Who knows? Maybe even the MSM will report on their actions!

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