Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tony Snow

After being indoctrinated to Sunday morning political talk shows by , captured my appointment TV watching (fortunately, they never were on opposite each other).

I have written about Tony Snow more than once over the years, even recognizing that I had been a fan of his written work before he was even on TV.    I never saw him at a loss for words or completely befuddled in any interview.   His treatment of politicians of all stripes was even handed and fair, and his analytical skills were among the best.

Like Russert, Tony Snow is being admired by his colleagues and friends as the kind of man I hope to be one day, a kind I really ought to strive to be

His passing comes, again, far too soon for a man of his years, and while he hasn't been on air for some time, he will be missed.  

I confess I am getting tired of too many people, too young, who have died.  There's nothing I can say or do about it, of course.  I am reaching middle age, and the number of people whom I've followed are, generally speaking, older than I am, so it is inevitable they will die before I do.   

It's just so damn frustrating that they are dying so young, which only reminds me of my own mortality.

One more bourbon and then off to bed with me.

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