Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Talk about distracted driving!

I've railed against useless and abusive legislation passed that restricts the use of cell phones by drivers (here and here) ...

I've seen women farding, men shaving, parents slapping children, adults kissing dogs, reading the NY Times, and eating a bowl of cereal ALL WHILE DRIVING. Every one of those instances fall under distracted driving; so instead of having laws for those, too, lets just cover them under the existing laws.

But today I saw something being done that should be specifically excluded by law.

This morning, on my ride to work, some guy in the car next to me was using what looked like -- at least I hope I am right -- a rotary nasal hair trimmer.

This has to be the most absurd thing I've seen in a while (and, heaven knows, I've seen a lot!). In NJ (where I was travelling at the time), had I pulled out my cell phone to snap a photo, I would have liable for a moving violation (fine plus points), but this yahoo -- who was apparently enjoying the experience a little too much, based on how long he was doing it -- was apparently perfectly legal! And he checked his proboscis out in the mirror once while I was watching, so I can only assume he was grooming himself (as opposed, perhaps, to enjoying it too much).

First off, based on my own experience, it shouldn't take terribly long to ensure you are nasally groomed. Secondly, unless your sinus-hair is the long enough to braid, I believe it could wait until you were at least stopped in traffic someplace (and if you can braid it, you have more problems than I can address here).

I paced this guy for about a mile and half and had to pull ahead, both out of respect for the other drivers and for my own peace of mind!

And yet I am at risk for daring to hold my cell phone to my head? Sheesh. Like I've said: stregnthen and enforse distracted driving laws, and leave the able, legally driving cell phone users alone!

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