Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reader Poll: Blog feeds, summary or full posts

Here's a poll for all of you readers who have your own blog:

Do you publish full feeds or only summaries?

Now I completely understand why folks use summaries. If you like what you're reading, click-through and improve the hit count. Maybe read other posts, click on ads, whatever.

But on the other hand: time is always short... do you think I will always click through, or is there a chance I am so busy I'll just skip over your post, and eventually, drop your feed entirely?

The poll is at the top of the right side-bar, and will be visible for a week. I'll paste an image in this post when it's closed. I am curious what my readers think about this issue.

UPDATE: Well the poll is closed now; I had hoped for a little more participation from the readers (which has been on a particularly high up-tick lately, thank-you-all-very-much), but from those who participated it is clear where the preference lies:

Poll Results: Preference of full posts wins 8-3

Now I am inclined to state I will unsubscribe from any feeds that do not offer full-posts, however I am aware of one or two whom I would never unsubscribe from because, well, they are special blog pals. Otherwise, if they can't be bothered to give me the full post, I will likely not be bothered to read them at all.

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