Thursday, July 03, 2008

Quick Hits

  • In light of my recent conflicts with my employer (who, after all, pays me to do a variety of things other than blogging-related), I may be doing more Quick Hits and limit commentary on other blogs to short notes attached to feeds in my Google Reader Shared list.
  • I've noticed a lot fewer fireworks tents along the Pennsylvania border this year. In the Commonwealth, it is legal to sell a variety of classes of fireworks, to any adult over 21, but only Class C may be sold to PA residents. Class C are any in a variety of sparklers, sizzlers, and things that are basically pretty but don't go 'bang'. There are poppers and the like, but those things can go off in your palm and you wouldn't feel it. The good stuff are available for sale to adults who can provide legal ID from another state. In NJ, our next door neighbor, possession and use of any fireworks is illegal, yet many have/will cross the border today to buy with abandon. People from New York State, part of whom are also our neighbor, will pump dollars into our tax coffers as well, in spite of the illegality.

    While even as a child I couldn't understand the notion of handing any child a sparkler, I think the laws banning the use of most fireworks to be overkill. As for my house, I've spent some of my gas money from Friday's holiday to purchase some colorful (legal) stuff.
    Hey, I am guy after all!
  • Gas prices have seem to flatten, in spite of the recent futures pricing rising. I've not detected an increase in more than 2 weeks, and in parts of NJ you can still buy regular unleaded for under $3.999/gal. Knowing that the futures spot price is always a few weeks ahead of the price changes, however, means I shouldn't get the slightest bit happy at this temporary plateau.
  • This Sunday, of the weather holds, the fam will be attending an Allentown Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs (AAA-league) baseball game. For those who aren't in the know (and unless you follow AAA-ball, or live near Allentown -- why would you?) the Iron Pigs had some controversy over their mascot's name last year. I hope to elucidate on this later...
  • Heading home early... remember to fly your flag tomorrow (it is the original National Holiday, don't forget), stay safe, and have fun.

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