Thursday, July 10, 2008

President Bush wins. Again.

I know: there have been times in the last 7 years I've had my differences with , but by far I've agreed with him and his decision far more than I've disagreed (I still shake my head as his growth of government programs, his failed amnesty bill, signing Campaign Finance Reform, among others).

But then there are these pieces that remind me of his steadfast decision making, the courage of his principles, and his defense of our nation against those that would harm us:

Getting to be really old hat:
The Senate easily approved legislation to overhaul government eavesdropping rules in terrorism and espionage cases and effectively granted immunity to telecommunications companies that participated in a secret domestic spying program, ending a contentious debate that has raged for more than two years.
The vote was 69 to 28; not even close. And, as I’m sure everyone knows, even Desperately-Seeking-Triangulation Obama voted in favor. Each time we get to one of these major issues the Democrats shout about how they’ve finally got President Bush where they want ‘im…only to fold like a house of cards when push comes to shove. This is, I think, simply because President Bush doesn’t back down when vital issues are at stake and, additionally, he’s just a much better politician than the Democrats are.
When the dust settles and the history books are written, I predict the verdict on the Bush presidency will reflect more on his accomplishments than the MSM will have you believe.

h/t Blogs for Victory

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