Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Of nuances and flip-flops

Much ado about the changing positions of the presumptive Democrat nominee, .

In recent weeks, he's become a true candidate of change as he changed his own stated positions:

And if the criticisms I've linked to above weren't enough, the venerable NY Times editorial board has taken Obama to task on his changed views.

Sen. Obama wants to win, and as such he is trying his best to reach out to the Right. That is all well and good: the old rule is to run to your base in the Primaries, run the Center in the General (election). The difference is that candidates who do move to the Center generally do so in a sort of compromise of your positions, not a reversal.

Any one or two of the positions above could be forgiven by his base, but Sen. Obama is beginning to worry his supporters. This is largely because ran so far to the Left, Obama had no choice but to go even further to the Left, thus making any move to the Center appear like a huge swing.

The big problem with all of this is simple: if he says whatever he has to in order to win, then the candidate of change, the new kind of candidate is, in fact nothing more than a shill, a charlatan that will capitalize on any buzz word to secure power. How proud would anyone on the Left be to elect a person of that character?

If he does mean what he says when he endorses these largely-Right-wing positions, what does his base say when he stands by his word even after being elected? Remember how many pundits were surprised President Bush kept his promises to cut taxes, etc. even after being elected? Compare that, say, to the number of promises made by and which have yet to be fulfilled (say, why haven't we heard much from the Congressional leaders, huh?).

As Lionel spake this morning, if Obama begins to court Pro-Life Supporters, that may well cause a number of his supporters to bail.

And if that did happen... you just know Hilary is waiting in the wings....

h/t Reality Hammer

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