Friday, July 18, 2008

How many can you do? A challenge to readers

So it is no surprise to readers that I am studying Tae Kwon Do; heaven knows I've whined posted about my aches and pains related to it often enough.

One of the core exercises we do is push-ups. Properly performed, a push-up strengthens not only your arms, but your chest, neck, back and abs as well (Probably legs and calves, too). No matter who you are, you probably could stand a little muscle-toning in these areas.

Speaking for myself, I need a greater duration ability. I can do 25-35 properly formed push-ups without a rest. I'd like to do more.

Derek Semmeler is offering some inspiration. He's discovered one hundred push-ups, a website that offers a training program that will lead the users to reaching 100 consecutive push-ups, with only 30 minutes of training each of 6 weeks.

Derek is offering a drawing for prizes, ranging from t-shirts to cash (and who couldn't use a little extra cash?). I've already committed to the challenge; I hope to do 100 consecutive, properly formed push-ups by 31-Aug-08.

So I challenge you, the reader, to join in with me at Derek's site. I am not in the position to offer swag, but if you comment about your progress I'll provide promotion to you in future posts.

And you know what? Before anyone says only guys can enter, you're wrong; I know a woman who can do 100 consecutive push-ups, and in no way does her arms look massive or the like. So this is open to all.

What to do: Leave a comment or track back here if you are joining me in the challenge to reach 100 push-ups by 31-Aug. If you wish to be eligible to win the prizes, you must notify Derek and link accordingly.

Who is with me?

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