Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hand signals

Summer time is a big time for motorcycles, and for obvious reasons. I saw no fewer than 10 on my way home tonight, during which two separate thoughts related to motorcycles came to mind. At the outset, let me state that I've never owned a motorcycle, and while I've been a passenger on them a few times, I've never driven one, so I am ignorant to any basic rules or customs related to them.

Hand signals are very common between drivers. I'm not talking the required hand signals every driver should know, but the ones shared between cycle drivers.

OK, an open palm, pointing toward the road on an 45° angle makes enough sense. But some drivers put down a fist. Some put down an extended index finger. Sometimes two fingers, as in the classic peace sign, again pointing down. Still others extend the index and pinky (as so many rockers do).

It can't be so random that these individual signs have no unique meaning. Do any of my readers have any idea what they mean?

The other thought was of a specific bike I followed a few weeks ago, and neglected to mention here.
3 on a bike
These 3 rode past me and I was pleasantly astonished at the second passenger on this bike. How fortunate for me that I eventually caught up with them, and only now remembered to post the pics:

Who is in the middle?

The pup was calm the entire ride, obviously used to being in the middle. I love the goggles the dog gets to wear!

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