Monday, July 21, 2008

Getting a good grip is important!

While going through drills of grappling and other take-down skills, I was one of the 4 who was tasked to be the heavy and walk up to our female Karate students and attack them.

For this drill, I was to slap the gal in the head.  It may as well have been in the face, but as no one was wearing headgear, I had to be careful in case my opponents block was inaccurate or too slow.

So I take a swing at this gal and she deftly blocks the attack.  Next she is to take-me-down, which she also does with great speed.

So fast, I didn't realize she got more than my jacket top when she grabbed me:

This doesn't look nearly as bad as it did when it bled, but in interest of full-disclosure, I was in the middle of a work-out, so my heart was already beating pretty fast.  The blood had no trouble staining my jacket.

The gal asked me Are you sure I did that?

Me: Let's let CSI scrape your fingernails for a DNA comparison to be sure.

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