Friday, July 25, 2008

Challenge: end of week one

Last Friday I posted about a 6 week challenge I would undertake.

So far, I am doing very well. Following the chart provided for Week 1, I am hitting all the marks:

Week 1 of

Since I started out being able to 30 perfect push-ups at the beginning of the program, I am in the third column of the above chart. On day 1 I did 10/10/8/6/30 push-ups. Day 2 (Wednesday) I did 12/12/10/10/25 (I was tired that morning). Today I hit 15/13/10/10/27. Whereas the program provided 120 seconds of rest in between sets today, I did each set with a lot less break in between.

By this time next week, the sets will be up to 15/15/12/12/at least 15. I am not at all winded after these, and I remain optimistic that I will be able to hit the target of 100 perfect push-ups by 31-Aug.

Note I should mention that I am doing these push-ups on my knuckles, not on my palms. A lot of people I have spoken to say the only thing better than knuckle push-up are finger-tip push-ups, but I am not able to do more than 5 of those.... maybe that'll be the next goal in September... regardless, knuckle push-ups are the minimum in my TKD class.

It's not too late: you, too, can join in this challenge. See my original post for more details. Mark and Bill are in it with me: I am willing to bet someone reading this - right now - thinks they can best the three of us. Why not step up now?

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