Thursday, July 03, 2008

America's Birthday

ITEM:  AAA expects a decline in drivers this holiday weekend, down 1.3% over last year.  Source: Google News

With all due respect to AAA, I'll take their predictions as accurate.

So what?

Look, I've long documented my own personal headache with fuel costs on my commute, so I know what the deal is.   But to make headlines out of a mere 1.3% drop?   What of the increase in local business and tourist attractions because of it?   More barbecues.   More backyard and park picnics.   What about a proportionate decline in motor vehicle deaths?  Doesn't that count?

Whatever your plans this weekend, have fun, be safe, and be certain to fly your flag.  Remind youngsters (and yourselves) the significance of the date, not that it's just hot dogs and sun screen, but that people pledged their honor, their fortunes and their very lives to make this nation come into being.  And no matter how many people will try to talk it down, there is no greater country, with greater freedoms on this planet.

Celebrate, and remember!

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