Friday, June 27, 2008

They weren't kidding

So I was intending on blogging about several points that occurred this week, and as I had short bits of time, I was editing them in MS Word, saving it to my USB drive.

Would you believe an IT person visiting from the main office took a tour of our office, and deemed my USB drive worthy of a scan?

I took the chance knowing the risk; no one is to blame but me. And now my USB drive is nicely reformatted and blank.

One of those posts I was working on involved fuel costs, and that I recently calculated that my annual fuel (at $4./gal) now sets me back $8320 $8490. In years past, whenever I weighed whether I should find work closer to home, the deciding factor to keep on keeping-on was that the difference is salary was always in the neighborhood of $8,000-10,000. Now that fuel prices have broken the lower number, plus the fact that the Subject Matter Expert status I came here with has all but diminished (not to mention the Banshee-like IT group), maybe it's time I start finding out how much I am worth closer to home.

After all, with my annual review being worked on, there's no time like the present.

NOTE: The SME status has dwindled because I am no longer the only employee who has hands-on experience with the application.

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