Monday, June 09, 2008

Remembering D-Day

I didn't post on the sixth of June because I was busy. Yes, I did have a day-off from work (which, as noted, I ended up checking up on e-mail throughout the day), but I had some chores to do ahead of the planned weekend trip to Reading, PA for the annual WW-II Remembrance event.

Along with displays and tours of military aircraft, there were a variety of encampments on the grounds of Reading Airport representing the Allied and Germany armies. A permanent recreation of an in habited French village was the stage of numerous gun battles throughout the weekend. On the side were vendors selling every imaginable piece of WW-II combat gear that isn't actually live ammo. I even bought a couple of P-38 can openers.

While the heat was oppressive for most (even, at time, your humble blogger - who actually prefers the summer temps), the weekend went well, and it there were ample reminders of the sacrifices made Europe and the rest of the world.

As a way to look back on the heroism of the day, I ask that readers take a few moments to either re-read or listen to the tribute paid to the veterans of the Normandy invasion by President Ronald Reagan.

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