Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Philadelphia News Makes News

Can't help but laugh at this one. First from Tony Phyrillas

First Alycia, now Larry Mendte?

Just when you thought it was safe to watch Channel 3 Eyewitness News comes word that the FBI raided the home of news anchor after his fired co-anchor, Latina bombshell , complained that somebody hacked into her private e-mails.

The station's Web site describes Mendte as a "target" of the FBI investigation, according to The Associated Press.

A case of Alycia's revenge?

Lane you will recall was fired Jan. 1 from her $700,000-a-year newsreader job after she was charged with assaulting a New York City policewoman last December. The most serious of the charges were dropped by a judge. Lane has filed a lawsuit against the TV station claiming wrongful termination. She had three more years to go on her contract.

Mendte joined KYW 3 in July 2003. His new co-anchor since Lane's firing is the very blonde , who was named Lane's replacement in April.

Mendte, who is married to Philadelphia Fox 29 news anchor , is off the air pending the outcome of the FBI investigation.

Fans of KYW Channel 3's Eyewitness News may be thinking they've tuned in to "As The World Turns" by mistake.

This stuff is better than the soap operas.
What Tony failed to remind his readers is that Ms. Lane had made another colorful headline. Last year, she was said to have mailed photos of herself wearing a bikini to NFL Network's (a pity for Ms. Lane that Mrs. Eisen found out!).

While there appears to be no clear copy of the authentic bikini shot to be found online, the TrekMedic provides a suitable shot of her for reference purposes.

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