Monday, June 09, 2008

Hillary Clinton

Saturday's speech by had a few major items, essential for 's campaign:

  • When will Sen. Clinton release her delegates? Why wouldn't she if she was really conceding the race?
  • Where was Sen. Obama? Generally, the conceding competitor appears at the winner's presser or headquarters. Mrs. Clinton stood alone.
I am still on record: Sen. Clinton is not out of this, not yet!

When will this be over? Given the precedent of the DNC endorsing even after the charges of corruption against incumbent forced the latter into early retirement, it's not too far a stretch to suggest it will not be over until election day!

And given the additional precedent of the DNC going to court over elections, it may well not end until after election day!

In the short term, however, wait for the DNC convention.

Just wait.

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