Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sometimes people forget to think before speaking

  • I was at my local mechanic, early this morning. The co-owner, the mechanic's wife, is the person who almost always answers the phone, but on Thursday was otherwise unavailable. That I was waiting for my car's oil change instead of leaving the car was what prompted the following discussion:
She: What a surprise! We never get to chat, you always leave your car and pick it up long after we're done.
Me: Well, it was a surprise when you didn't answer the phone Thursday, so when Eric offered to get me in as the first customer, I couldn't pass it up.
She: Well, that was when I ran to the bank.
Me: I see; what I found weird for a second was that after he asked when I wanted my oil change, he said Why don't you come in first, at 8AM, on Saturday? I agreed and he was about to hang up when I asked Don't you want my name? But he told me he knew it was Charlie real-last-name.
She: Wow! How did he know it was you?
Me: .... I had assumed it was Caller-ID, but now I'm getting curious...
She: Oh yeah! I always forget we have that!
  • Phone call received right after lunch:
He: Hi, this is Ashley's coach... today's game is canceled.
Me: Wait... I think you have the wrong the number.
He: Look, I am busy today. Can you just tell Ashley there's no game?
Me: Look, I am telling you: there's no one named Ashley here.
He: Are you sure?

Hmmmm... think MBH (whose name isn't Ashley) would have appreciated if I asked her?

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