Friday, May 09, 2008

Quick Hits

  • Wednesday morning, as I started out of my driveway, I burnt-out the driver-side headlight. The sky was clear and predawn at about 5AM, so it wasn't a huge inconvenience as I made my way to work. On the way there, I recalled I had swapped both halogen bulbs in February.

    History has taught me if one bulb burns out, the other side is likely to burn out before too long. So about 2 months ago I carefully removed the good bulb and inserted it into a plastic bag and saved it in my tool bag, as a spare for when the next bulb burnt out.

    I had the opportunity to work from home yesterday, so I didn't bother with the bulb Wednesday, knowing I'd have plenty of time to swap it on Thursday. On my way home from my work-out Wednesday night, the passenger-side bulb burnt out. So I am thinking the pair of bulbs I swapped out in February (they were sold as a 2-pack) probably was made in a defective production run. Fortunately, I was close enough to home to get by with my high-beams until I got to my driveway.

    Yesterday, on my way to the local NAPA parts dealer, both high-beams burnt out! I've never had 2 pair of filaments burn out at the same time. I swapped the two bulbs out but I am cautiously worried that perhaps something major is lurking under that hood.
  • Today I headed out to Hallmark to get MBH a Mom's Day card. Yeah, you think I am waiting until the last minute, huh? I stood 2-deep in the aisle - men and women - so at least i wasn't the only late one!
  • If the primary nomination is all wrapped up, why haven't all of the Super-Delegates declared yet?? I mean, I'm just asking....

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