Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nobody asked me about the Presidential campaign, but...

No one has exactly beaten a path to inquire my pick in this Presidential campaign, but a few things should be obvious to readers:

  • As I've indicated repeatedly, I do not believe either Senators or are fit to hold the office of President.
  • By default, and in our two party system, is my defacto candidate.
What I haven't said, however, should be noted:
  • Although I did not actively support the nomination of Sen. McCain, I have every intention on backing his election. That having been stated, I have more than a few issues with more than a few of his positions. On balance, I'd say I support about 65% of his declared platform. Not bad, but hardly a resounding endorsement, I realize.
  • There has been some rumors over who Sen. McCain might select as a running mate. While no formal announcement has been made, let me make one thing perfectly clear. I have remained silent during the GOP nomination process, because I wanted to stand up for Conservative principles (which I have done repeatedly in this humble blog for years) and let the system play out. In this political season, however, I intonated there was one candidate whom I would hate to have been the nominee.

    And I certainly hope he isn't the VP nominee, either, for the very same reasons.

Stay tuned.

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