Monday, May 12, 2008

Meanwhile on the Left side of the radio dial

Things are still spinning wildly at . Last month saw the departure of to Nova M Radio (in a deal that reportedly paid her the same dollars as AAR had, altho the amount of freedom that contract provides may be quite different).

Next spin-out appears (for now) to be , whose 52-week contract has just expired, leaving AAR one less fill-in host for Rhodes' 3-6PM (ET) slot. A variety of guest hosts have been subbing for weeks now, with no clear direction on who will take that prime slot. is reportedly taking the slot this week, followed by the return to radio for Ron Kuby, former partner to on WABC (before ' resurrection).

I rarely found any common ground with Mr. Kuby's positions but he was always an entertaining speaker, particularly on matters of law. The unfortunate situation that led to he and Mr. Sliwa's cancellation could be partially resolved if he was given the slot full-time, although I wonder if his show would be at all successful in a solo gig (and I doubt there's a snowball's chance AAR would consider adding anyone to counter Kuby's position).

But can AAR survive with so few affiliate (in particular, their so-called flagship), and the constant loss of talent?

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