Sunday, April 06, 2008

Weekend Wamble

(OK, so the post title is silly, but I wanted something other than Quick Hits)

  • In the next two weeks, I will be training aggressively for an upcoming Martial Arts Tournament. In the nearly 5 years of my study if Tae Kwon Do, I have avoided all such tournaments, but I am faced with the necessity of participating in two of them if I ever expect to be eligible to test for my Black Belt.

    I am a 2nd Gup, a red-belt with a single black stripe. In the next year I need to participate in a 2 tournaments (at least). The thing is, while I believe I am serious in my study in TKD, I believe their are those who believe winning is everything, and will go to great lengths to get a silly trophy, even if it mean risking injury to their opponents.

    That's not me. I train for strength, for dexterity, and for basic defense. I do not intend on scoring points by (possibly) cracking the ribs of my opponent, even if there's a good chance he'll try to do the same to me. Somehow, I don't believe there is honor or dignity in such an effort.

    That is the principle reason I have avoided tournaments over the years: while I wish to display the results of my training to others, I don't give a damn about winning a trophy. In fact, even if I do win, I may leave it behind.... what the hell would I do with it anyway? However, I do know there are plenty of other would-be competitors who would risk penalties by trying to win at-any-cost. Maybe these guys don't have to go to work, but I certainly do.

    This should get interesting.

  • The other day, one of my customers came to my office. The gent is a federal employee, directly hired but the DoD, and we chatted about the project for a good 15 minutes, and then he strayed into politics.

    Now, anyone who has read my blog knows where I stand, politically, but I have maintained my independence to my customer. Upon his third lie about how he can't wait for the Democrat candidate to roll back the tax given only cuts for the rich, I had to speak up. I told him that not only did I get that tax cut, but so did he, everyone in the building, and everyone who was a federal tax payer get that tax cut. He tried to spin it that I was wrong, but I stood my ground, challenging him to proved proof that only the rich benefited, and all tax payers. He left my cubicle in a huff.

    This week should tell if I somehow cut my own throat (employment-wise) by pissing that guy off.

  • We have an Easter Lily in own home that is nearly in full bloom. Two more flowers will burst open tomorrow or Tuesday. My 5 year old has been dutifully watering it daily. When he realized there's just 2 more flowers to go, he announced Good... then I won't have to ever water it again! Gee, was it so hard to do these last few weeks? Mom asked him Do you think we should give you a drink if your thirsty later? He replied sure! She then pointed out that flowers and plants (like him) do need water after blooming.

  • there's probably more to post about, but I am tired.....

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