Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random thoughts

  • On to Indiana and North Carolina: Should not have decisive wins in both Indiana and North Carolina, the certainty of him winning the nomination will be in serious jeopardy. Regardless, this fight will go on to the Convention, and even if doesn't win, the damage to the Democrat Party will go on for years. This is my prediction.

    To my readers who are Democrats: if this is how runs the , aren't you glad he didn't win 4 years ago??
  • Do any of the very many people who have donated to 's campaign have any say in what he should do with the money he's got left over? Wouldn't it be responsible to support a candidate that comes closest to his own positions? I'm just asking.
  • Left over from Saturday: At my Martial Arts tournament, I had a discussion with a gal from our school who was also competing. She was worried at seeing a potential female competitor who stood at least 6" taller than she. Fearing her opponent's longer legs would put her at a disadvantage, I tried to assure her she (the gal to who I was speaking) was too quick. Seeing 3 teen age boys from our school walking by, I called them over:

    Me: Hey guys, see that purple belt? Deb is worried her legs are so long, she'll never get inside on her. One of you should get all Nancy Kerrigan on her.

    3Guys: Yeah... yeah!

    Guy1: Um, Nancy who?

    Guy2: Dude, she's that martial artist in the movies.... Right?

    Me: Um... never mind...
    Let me go on record, by the way, that I was kidding. And that Deb did quite well in her match, taking 2nd place, altho her feared opponent did not compete at all in sparring. That she started laughing at my absurd suggestion, however, probably didn't hurt relaxing her before the match.

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