Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI

With the 's arrival on our shores, I found myself remembering when I had the chance to see his predecessor 29 or 30 years ago. Besides having another reinforcement of my age (gah!), it was a nice that I was able to retell the story to my kids.

Becky at Just a girl in short shorts offers a great analysis of the Pope's message, and how it may well fall on far too many deaf ears.

In addition, she provided a link to the following:

Click here to make your own Fyrebug game

Back in 1979, when Saturday Night Live was still funny, (a/k/a ) offered his commentary on the arrival of John Paul II, including a contest: Find the Pope in the Pizza (see script). A blown-up image of a pepperoni pie, with a head shot of JP-II in the corner.

Somehow, I doubt either Pontiff would find offense at either of these jokes.

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