Friday, April 18, 2008

Politics in the office

Two months ago I lamented about having political debates with my colleagues. I do so enjoy verbal sparring, but I must be conscientious of potential problems in the work place. Which makes things hard for me, socially, in the work place. Where people will argue and discuss sports, a presidential election is to me what the Super Bowl is to them. Such is my life.

So today I found myself, yet again, in another debate will my team member. We went on and on for about 45 minutes on this week's debate. The most astonishing thing that came of it: while he will defend and vote for , and while he will argue on his behalf against any point I raise, he admits he has not seen a single debate, nor read any transcript of one, nor has any desire to do so in the future.

How can anyone rationalize that sort of ignorance from a person who claims to be well-informed on the issues?

I realized I was stepping out of my self-imposed cone-of-political-silence when my buddy suggested we double the bet he offered me some months ago when he predicted Sen. Obama would be our next president. When I told him after Wednesday's debate I was even more certain he would lose in the general election, the bet was raised to $20 (yeah, we're small time bettors).

So we'll see. I confess I am enjoying the on-going campaigning of both Sens. & Obama, whether it be draining their cash reserves or beating each other up (rhetorically). Sen. Clinton will not back down until the Convention, at which time she'll either:

  • ruin her and her husband's political name
  • wreck the Democrat party
  • walk away with the nomination.

And she may well achieve 2 or 3 of them at the same time. What makes the last option now unlikely is her conceding Sen. Obama could win the presidency. At that moment, it would seem unlikely she'll be able to persuade the necessary number of SuperDelegates to swing things her way. But who knows? Look at me: I live in Pennsylvania, so I am simply a bitter, gun holding, bible thumping white guy... what do I know?

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