Friday, April 11, 2008

Cut to the quick

Here is today's lesson on How to feel old

  1. Get an account on FACEBOOK
  2. Have FB scan your address book to determine if people you know are already online
  3. Invite those other FB users to be your friends including your 21 year old nephew, proudly serving his country while studying in the AF Academy.
  4. Wait for his Wall post that reads:
    Hey Uncle Charlie!
    So the first question is...why do you have Facebook? Is it some disillusioned grasp at a missed childhood? Or possibly a way to feel less left out at work when the intern talk about the amazing incredible edible Internet! Well, what ever it is, good luck!
  5. Verbally say ouch
  6. Write something self-deprecating on his Wall, pointing out that since I am the one of the oldest in my group, none of the interns pay any attention to me anyways.
  7. Not wanting to sound bitter, remember to point out how proud we all are of him. Click POST.
  8. Head for a bourbon and ice.

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