Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can Sen. Obama spin his way out of this mess

did his best to spin his way out of the deepening mess being aggravated by his Pastor, .

Let's recall the time line on this story:

  • For over a year, has been raising questions about the positions of Rev. Wright and his commitment to what he described as a Black Value System.
  • During the week of March 10, revelations of the kinds of sermons Rev. Wright delivers begin to circulate cable news outlets.
  • Immediately, on a Friday night, Sen. Obama disavows ever hearing any inflammatory statements made by his pastor.
  • By Tuesday, March 18. Obama is in Philadelphia, delivering a speech on race relations that receives high praise from pundits on the Left and in major media outlets. In it, he again pleads ignorance to the inflammatory statements credited to the Pastor, but gives him a pass while (metaphorically) throwing his grandmother under a bus.
  • On March 19 I point out the hypocicy of Sen. Obama when it comes to what is called hate speech.
  • April 23: my prediction that if Sen. Obama does not win decisive victories in both Indiana and North Carolina, may well earn the nomination.
  • This week: Pastor Wright goes on a self-appointed media tour, repeating (albeit calmly) his rehtoric once again.
  • To his credit, Sen. Obama finally appears on FOX NEWS SUNDAY; bloggers on the Left mourn that he caved in to the Right.
  • The video of his vote against tougher criminal penalties for gang members.
  • Today: he gives a press conference between the hours of 12:00 and 3:00; didn't he learn anything from ??

As Sen. Clinton mistakenly assumed she'd have the nomination wrapped up after Super Tuesday, so has Sen. Obama been equally wrong in his assumption at how easy it would be to win it. The media love affair with the Senator is over; his days as a demagogue, complete with fainting ladies in his audience are over.

Now the battle begins to get interesting!

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