Thursday, April 10, 2008

AirAmerica loses talent again

According to the Leather Penguin, and have parted company. Over a week ago Ms. Rhodes was indefinitely suspended over comments she made in a stand-up routine (oddly enough, I've read in a few places that the video of her routine was on AAR's website for more than a week before she was suspended).

If she left under her own steam, that's a questionable decision (IMHO); AAR still has quite a following in the Liberal Progressive (sorry, I keep making that mistake) world, but it is not without its many managerial faults. If she was fired, that's a certainly bad decision for AAR. At present, AAR still lists her as being in the 3PM (ET) lineup, and her website is still linked to theirs. Her own message board is buzzing of her departure, however.

What she said was abhorrent, but it was free speech. However, when you are easily identified by the company you work for, you have an obligation to not cast a bad light on your employer. Clearly, she was over-the-top in her comments.

As I said late Sunday night, while AAR had every right to suspend and even fire her, I hoped that she would return to the airways soon. For one thing, AAR severely lacks decent on-air talent. I may not agree with even 5% of what she says, but she has broadcast chops.

For another thing, from a business point of view, AAR is dying. In NYC, their 'flagship' station WWRL boasts only Ms. Rhodes and what appears to be a tape-delayed broadcast of . Combined with the fact that WWRL has about the broadcast range of a 40-channel CB radio, that's hardly a flagship, it's s dinghy. (I am old enough to remember 23-channel CB's, but also know their chips had more power than their 40-channel decedents).

She'll surface on-air, no doubt, but the end is certainly drawing nigh for AAR.

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