Thursday, April 24, 2008

Agita from gas (revisited)

Editor's note: When I set out to write this post, I knew I had used the phrase 'agita from gas' in a previous post. I found I had done so more than once, and in fact misspelt the word (prior posts). For the record, The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language offered the definition of the term as acid indigestion. Here are other sources for the word.

As I've long said, I have a long commute.

OK, I have an insane commute. It rounds out to 110 miles. Each way. (I'll wait for those who were unaware to pick their jaws off the floor.)

To illustrate how acutely aware I am of fuel prices, please click this link and view a spreadsheet in Google Docs, which details my average MPG, and the daily costs I pay each day just to get to work.

In short, there is little anyone can tell me about fuel costs. I understand the simple laws of supply and demand, and I realize the forces of speculators affect the cost of a barrel of oil. And no, I do not blame the oil companies... I know better.

When the GOP was in the majority, they missed the opportunity to reverse the GORE GAS TAX. When they were in the majority, they let the opportunity to responsibly drill in ANWAR go by the wayside. As I've complained about in the past, Venezuelan president can drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, but the United States cannot.

Now, finally, the GOP in the House of Representatives have got it right: House Republican leaders on Tuesday challenged (D-Calif.) to release a plan to lower gas prices that they say Democrats touted when they were in the minority.

"Two years ago this week, you stated that House Democrats had a commonsense plan to lower gas prices," the letter said. "In light of the skyrocketing gasoline prices affecting working families and every sector of our struggling economy, we are writing today to respectfully request that you reveal this commonsense plan so we can begin work on responsible solutions to help ease this strain."

If you want to hear Speaker Pelosi's response, you'd better cue the crickets.

I doubt any plan Speaker Pelosi had 2 years ago (if one ever did exist) would have done nothing to aid the free market. Just keep reminding yourselves how high gas prices have gone since she became the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and think hard when you're voting in November.

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