Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can Sen. Obama spin his way out of this mess

did his best to spin his way out of the deepening mess being aggravated by his Pastor, .

Let's recall the time line on this story:

  • For over a year, has been raising questions about the positions of Rev. Wright and his commitment to what he described as a Black Value System.
  • During the week of March 10, revelations of the kinds of sermons Rev. Wright delivers begin to circulate cable news outlets.
  • Immediately, on a Friday night, Sen. Obama disavows ever hearing any inflammatory statements made by his pastor.
  • By Tuesday, March 18. Obama is in Philadelphia, delivering a speech on race relations that receives high praise from pundits on the Left and in major media outlets. In it, he again pleads ignorance to the inflammatory statements credited to the Pastor, but gives him a pass while (metaphorically) throwing his grandmother under a bus.
  • On March 19 I point out the hypocicy of Sen. Obama when it comes to what is called hate speech.
  • April 23: my prediction that if Sen. Obama does not win decisive victories in both Indiana and North Carolina, may well earn the nomination.
  • This week: Pastor Wright goes on a self-appointed media tour, repeating (albeit calmly) his rehtoric once again.
  • To his credit, Sen. Obama finally appears on FOX NEWS SUNDAY; bloggers on the Left mourn that he caved in to the Right.
  • The video of his vote against tougher criminal penalties for gang members.
  • Today: he gives a press conference between the hours of 12:00 and 3:00; didn't he learn anything from ??

As Sen. Clinton mistakenly assumed she'd have the nomination wrapped up after Super Tuesday, so has Sen. Obama been equally wrong in his assumption at how easy it would be to win it. The media love affair with the Senator is over; his days as a demagogue, complete with fainting ladies in his audience are over.

Now the battle begins to get interesting!

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Camping

Wet describes Sunday.

Over the weekend my son and I were camping with the Boy Scouts. We were at Treasure Island, an island in the Delaware River between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia council runs the camp, the oldest Scout camp in the country.

About a third of the Troop's boys came on this trip, and 6 of them opted to try sleeping in hammocks. They were joined with 2 other leaders. I, on the other hand, decided to stay in a tent as usual, as did 4 other boys (my son included). The camp site had one lean-to and about a dozen of tent platforms, upon which our tents were pitched

Friday night was fine... the sky was clear, and the temps mild. Saturday, we were warned, was supposed to be rainy all day, but we got by with only clouds. Around 11:30 PM, as the leaders retired, a few rain drops started falling. All of the hammock users had at least one additional line above their hammock, for suspending a tarp over their bedding to keep the elements off them.

Around 1:30 AM, I was in my tent, and felt as if a draft was on my shoulder. It had been raining pretty hard by then, and I thought it might have been moisture, but couldn't be sure. I checked the floor outside of my sleeping bag, felt nothing unusual, so I went back to sleep.

Around 2:30, I rolled over into a puddle. My tent did have a small by decisive puddle running through it.

So there I was, stumbling out of my tent, in the rain, heading for the vacant (but dry) lean-to and to fire up some coffee. Before too long, the other adults came in, because they were too cold.

None of the boys were either cold or wet, all night long, but we adults played cards and drank coffee for a couple of hours. Around 4:30, the assistant Scoutmaster got a fire started (in the rain!) while a few of us caught some zzz's in the lean-to.

In the morning, one of the boys told me no wonder your tent leaked... you didn't set it up right! Now it's my job to find a nice day to set-up and air-out the tent.

However, there is an advantage to having a son who is Boy Scout!

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Barack Obama's troubled candidacy

Could anyone have guessed the candidacy of Sen. could have taken such a turn?

Pastor Jeremiah Wright is causing Sen. Obama more and more headaches, with his elitist rantings, which counters ever attempt Obama makes to bury the story. No one can blame the alleged right-wing media for keeping Pastor Wright on the front page, except for the Pastor himself.

Speaking as a so-called bitter, bible clutching gun owner, I'm loving it!

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Agita from gas (revisited)

Editor's note: When I set out to write this post, I knew I had used the phrase 'agita from gas' in a previous post. I found I had done so more than once, and in fact misspelt the word (prior posts). For the record, The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language offered the definition of the term as acid indigestion. Here are other sources for the word.

As I've long said, I have a long commute.

OK, I have an insane commute. It rounds out to 110 miles. Each way. (I'll wait for those who were unaware to pick their jaws off the floor.)

To illustrate how acutely aware I am of fuel prices, please click this link and view a spreadsheet in Google Docs, which details my average MPG, and the daily costs I pay each day just to get to work.

In short, there is little anyone can tell me about fuel costs. I understand the simple laws of supply and demand, and I realize the forces of speculators affect the cost of a barrel of oil. And no, I do not blame the oil companies... I know better.

When the GOP was in the majority, they missed the opportunity to reverse the GORE GAS TAX. When they were in the majority, they let the opportunity to responsibly drill in ANWAR go by the wayside. As I've complained about in the past, Venezuelan president can drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, but the United States cannot.

Now, finally, the GOP in the House of Representatives have got it right:

TheHill.com: House Republican leaders on Tuesday challenged (D-Calif.) to release a plan to lower gas prices that they say Democrats touted when they were in the minority.

"Two years ago this week, you stated that House Democrats had a commonsense plan to lower gas prices," the letter said. "In light of the skyrocketing gasoline prices affecting working families and every sector of our struggling economy, we are writing today to respectfully request that you reveal this commonsense plan so we can begin work on responsible solutions to help ease this strain."

If you want to hear Speaker Pelosi's response, you'd better cue the crickets.

I doubt any plan Speaker Pelosi had 2 years ago (if one ever did exist) would have done nothing to aid the free market. Just keep reminding yourselves how high gas prices have gone since she became the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and think hard when you're voting in November.

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Whirlpool suspends smokers, liars

I saw this on ABC NEWS at around 04:35...

CNN: INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (AP) -- Smoking can be hazardous to your health, and it's turning into a bad career move, too.

Some Whirlpool Corp. workers may be fired after they were seen smoking on company property.

A Whirlpool Corp. factory in Evansville, Indiana, has suspended 39 workers who signed insurance paperwork claiming they don't use tobacco and then were seen smoking or chewing tobacco on company property. Now, some could be fired for lying, company spokeswoman Debby Castrale said.

As annual health care premiums rise more than 10 percent a year, many companies are trying to rein in costs by encouraging healthy living.


Whirlpool, based in Benton Harbor, Michigan, uses financial incentives to encourage U.S. workers and their dependents to abstain from tobacco use, spokeswoman Jill Saletta said. The specifics vary according to location.

In Evansville, the 1,500-employee factory charges tobacco users an extra $500 in annual health insurance premiums. The refrigerator factory has levied the extra premium since 1996, and it depends on employees to honestly fill out forms. It doesn't mandate blood tests to detect nicotine or trail employees outside work, Castrale said.

Management suspended the 39 employees Friday after they were spotted using either chewing tobacco on company property or taking a drag in one of the factory's dozen shelters for outdoor smoking, Castrale said.

This sounds completely fair to me! How refreshing to see honesty being acknowledged! But do not think there are those who are complaining...

Lewis Maltby, president of the National Workrights Institute, which advocates for employee privacy, sees no problem with employers trying to curb smoking. But he worries that the trend of cracking down on employees' unhealthy behavior is extending beyond tobacco use.

"We shouldn't have to give employers complete control over our private life so they can save a few dollars on medical care," he said.

No, Mr. Maltby, you have it wrong. No one has given the employer complete control over anyone's private life except for the employees themselves! No one held a gun to the employees head saying 'sign this or else!'. Instead, they said sign this and we'll give you $500 off your insurance! If the employees didn't expect or want scrutiny, they could have skipped signing.

Look, if we do not hold adults to the contracts they sign, then let's do away with civil court altogether.

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PEACE THUGS should be stepped on ... hard

Even though I've linked to this article in my Shared Feeds (RSS), I wanted to post it here.

Cassy Fiano of Wizbang posts about Peace Thugs attacking an Iraq war veteran ... and his family:

For the second time in as many weeks, an Iraq War Veteran and his family held a Support the Troops rally across the street from the weekly "peace" protest in this college town. This week the true nature of the 'peace' activists was revealed for all to see. When the veteran's 14 year old son crossed the street to videotape the protesters and their signs, the protesters became agitated and began harassing the boy. The right to record video in any public venue is long established in law and any attempt to interfere with that right is a violation of civil rights.

Seeing the escalating tension across the street, the veteran and his wife crossed over, leaving their three youngest children on the other side for safety while they went to retrieve their eldest son. Two of the female 'peace' protesters then attacked the veteran's wife. When the veteran pulled one of those attackers off his wife he was jumped by four or five of the 'peace' people and knocked to the ground where they held him while beating him and smashing his eyeglasses.

The son pulled the remaining attacker off his mother, but the attacker managed to get in one last kick to his mother's head with her boot. She then punched the son in his face while his mother called the police.

This all took place at a busy intersection, the mother had been knocked into the street in bumper to bumper traffic. People were visible in the windows of shops and a bar nearby. One might think someone would intervene to put a stop to the assault. One would be wrong. In a scene eerily reminiscent of the Kitty Genovese tragedy in New York, the bystanders and passers-by refused to stand up to the 'peace' thugs. Displaying a craven cowardice one would not have expected in middle America they would rather go on their way thankful that it was not them being assaulted. It was NOT them, today, but what about tomorrow?

When the police arrived they reviewed the video of the incident and then, astonishingly, refused to make any arrests, even when one of the 'peace' thugs spit in the face of on the 14 year old boy right in front of the police and they did nothing! Officers, that is an assault! I don't know where or how they train police in Edinboro but they obviously need some refresher courses!

One of the police was very aggressive toward the veteran and his family as if they were the attackers!

Sadly, this kind of behavior has become so widespread that a website has been set up to document this attacks, named appropriately enough Peace Thugs. You can also see the extreme intolerance the "peace movement" practices. They don't want people with opposing viewpoints to be able to express them at all -- disagree with the "peace" activists, and suffer the consequences.

Amazing. The officers that would not make any arrests, that were hostile to the victims, should be brought up for review. The parents had every right to swear out a complaint; why wasn't it done? Upon the complaint, and along with any video evidence, the accused should be checked for any outstanding warrants. This kind of anti-social behavior must be stopped and stopped now. And if there are any laws on the books for bystanders standing by when a crime is committed, they, too, should be charged accordingly!

To be fair: unless and until someone can demonstrate that this family was somehow acting in the despicable manner as members of the (previous posts)has made famous (and even if so, I would defend a father standing up for assaults on his family), I will side with them. How dare they attack a father who was only defending his wife and child? How dare they?

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Sen. Obama on defending the innocent

Sen. 's bad week continues...

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random thoughts

  • On to Indiana and North Carolina: Should not have decisive wins in both Indiana and North Carolina, the certainty of him winning the nomination will be in serious jeopardy. Regardless, this fight will go on to the Convention, and even if doesn't win, the damage to the Democrat Party will go on for years. This is my prediction.

    To my readers who are Democrats: if this is how runs the , aren't you glad he didn't win 4 years ago??
  • Do any of the very many people who have donated to 's campaign have any say in what he should do with the money he's got left over? Wouldn't it be responsible to support a candidate that comes closest to his own positions? I'm just asking.
  • Left over from Saturday: At my Martial Arts tournament, I had a discussion with a gal from our school who was also competing. She was worried at seeing a potential female competitor who stood at least 6" taller than she. Fearing her opponent's longer legs would put her at a disadvantage, I tried to assure her she (the gal to who I was speaking) was too quick. Seeing 3 teen age boys from our school walking by, I called them over:

    Me: Hey guys, see that purple belt? Deb is worried her legs are so long, she'll never get inside on her. One of you should get all Nancy Kerrigan on her.

    3Guys: Yeah... yeah!

    Guy1: Um, Nancy who?

    Guy2: Dude, she's that martial artist in the movies.... Right?

    Me: Um... never mind...
    Let me go on record, by the way, that I was kidding. And that Deb did quite well in her match, taking 2nd place, altho her feared opponent did not compete at all in sparring. That she started laughing at my absurd suggestion, however, probably didn't hurt relaxing her before the match.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Much ado about ... well, not very much

People who know me (and yes, there are a few who do) are aware I tend to set a number of rules about myself. Back in the day, when this humble blog netted about 30 or so hits per month (and oddly enough all from the same IP address), I used to detail every thing I was doing, not unlike what Twitter and the like has become these days. I can't recall what event I bragged that I was going to do but whatever it was, it did not come to pass. Instead of explaining the where-to and why-fors of the unattended event, I simply deleted the post and went on my way.

I soon learned it was better to post about what did occur than to explain what didn't. And that became one of my blogging rules.

That I blog at all serves mostly as an exercise in ego stroking. And so when the time comes to post about an event that did little to boost my ego, it makes posting the activity all the harder, with little reward other than the satisfaction of following-through with my previous posts.

Today (er, yesterday) was my first foray into a martial arts tournament. The overall event went smoothly, and while the program tends to schedule the adult competition after the kids, there wasn't much down time to be had.

I mentioned previously I wouldn't compete in board breaking, but several of the kids and teen-agers in our school did, so I was bopping from ring-to-ring, getting into position, and holding firm for them. Three of the 5 kids came home with trophies for their efforts. One judge asked me to deflect the wooden shrapnel from a few speed breaks, so I was certainly kept busy before noon.

After noon, we began with our Poomse (forms); the Senior division (over 35!) for forms was broken down by belts. Of the 5 men in my division (including yours, truly), my form was the only one considered (so I am told) to have been a traditional form, whereas the 4 others did a form that could described as having been choreographed. I did my form well, I believe, but I was outmatched in every way. One competitor's form went on for almost 150 seconds, and he wasn't being that slow.

There was a tie for third place, but I didn't even make that cut.

They then broke us Seniors into two groups: Senior and Super Seniors - those martial art students over 50 years old. The guys in my group (under 50, in case you wondered) all waived their chest protectors. I donned my own, because as I've said before, I have to worry about work on Monday. Strangely, the tournament release form stated all competitors must wear the full gear, but this was clearly not the case.

My first match was against a guy about my height and weight (naturally), but at least 5 years my junior. Defensively, I blocked more than 8 or 10 punches or kicks from me, he blocked pretty much all of mine (on two occasions the 4 judges couldn't agree how cleanly I hit him, so no points were awarded).

One of his round-houses clocked me square in the side of the head, scoring his second point. I went down hard but bounced up fast... even now the hip I landed on is only starting to feel better... bet it won't be nice tomorrow. When the judge asked if I wanted to sit down, I declined, telling him I'll just fight the middle guy of the three in front me.

Not surprisingly, it didn't take long before he landed a good punch to my chest, ending the match and eliminating me from further competition.

Part of me is asking why I spent $50 to attend a tournament 45 miles away, why I spent from 9:00 to 7:00 PM out of the house, why I dropped another $50 on extra gear needed specifically for tournaments (gloves, boots) for which I'll likely use only at another tournament, to accomplish so little overall (sore hip, excluded).

I am sure the experience will one day translate into something positive for me, but that assurance does little to soothe either my wallet or my ego. In time, of course, my ego will get over it... something more important will come down the line, making this day fade away. Don't misunderstand me: this is hardly the worst blow to my ego; trust me, I've had worse. But at this moment in time, its tops on my list. Until, of course, it fades away, like the others.

It won't totally fade away, of course: it will be in my blog when I click the publish post button. I have this other rule about deleting posts, and like the rule about not posting thing I plan to do, I generally keep it, too.

Of course, as the start of this post indicates, I've been known to break a few rules.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Tournament time

Tomorrow is my first TKD Tournament...

As I've whined blogged in the past, I haven't been chomping at the bit to attend one of these. Part of that is an irrational fear, I realize, but it is high-time I meet that challenge.

In fact, I am confident I will hold my own. For starters, I will compete in 2 of the 4 possible events being offered: Poomse (forms, a/k/a kata if you prefer the Japanese term over the Korean) and Sparring. There are also weapons competitions and breaking. Board breaking is something I do, something I do pretty well, in fact. But to rehearse breaking involves several items, including

  • wood (duh!)
  • People to hold targets, at a minimum 2
  • spare time

There is no point in an adult breaking boards suspended on cinder blocks: kids do it, that's fine, but to break a board being held by hand is certainly more impressive: one of my fellow students will perform a double-front kick (breaking two separate boards), a speed-break with his hand, and finish up with a 540° spinning kick. Now that is a performance. If he succeeds in all four breaks, I can't imagine him not taking a trophy. Speaking for myself, I could probably achieve all but the 540° kick. And since MBH is not excited at the thought of my breaking any boards she (or our 12 year old son) holds, I'll pass on breaks this time around.

Weapons is something our school (dojang) doesn't teach at all, so that's off the table.

And as far as the sparring, it's a points tournament, meaning it is designed not to be an all-out, no-holds-barred fight. Of course, as I am in the Senior division, the number of potential competitors will be limited by the number who are:

  • male
  • at my belt level (3rd gup)
  • over 35

In my school I know 2 such guys: one is a 40 year old electrician, the other is +55 retired Marine. Both punch as if their hands were bricks.

Additionally in my favor, I usually spar somewhere around 7:30 PM, after a full-day of work and commuting. The tourney begins at 10AM, with the sparring beginning some point after noon. So at least I won't be exhausted... that's gotta count for something.

So it is quite possible I may do well, even better than I expect.

Time will tell.

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Politics in the office

Two months ago I lamented about having political debates with my colleagues. I do so enjoy verbal sparring, but I must be conscientious of potential problems in the work place. Which makes things hard for me, socially, in the work place. Where people will argue and discuss sports, a presidential election is to me what the Super Bowl is to them. Such is my life.

So today I found myself, yet again, in another debate will my team member. We went on and on for about 45 minutes on this week's debate. The most astonishing thing that came of it: while he will defend and vote for , and while he will argue on his behalf against any point I raise, he admits he has not seen a single debate, nor read any transcript of one, nor has any desire to do so in the future.

How can anyone rationalize that sort of ignorance from a person who claims to be well-informed on the issues?

I realized I was stepping out of my self-imposed cone-of-political-silence when my buddy suggested we double the bet he offered me some months ago when he predicted Sen. Obama would be our next president. When I told him after Wednesday's debate I was even more certain he would lose in the general election, the bet was raised to $20 (yeah, we're small time bettors).

So we'll see. I confess I am enjoying the on-going campaigning of both Sens. & Obama, whether it be draining their cash reserves or beating each other up (rhetorically). Sen. Clinton will not back down until the Convention, at which time she'll either:

  • ruin her and her husband's political name
  • wreck the Democrat party
  • walk away with the nomination.

And she may well achieve 2 or 3 of them at the same time. What makes the last option now unlikely is her conceding Sen. Obama could win the presidency. At that moment, it would seem unlikely she'll be able to persuade the necessary number of SuperDelegates to swing things her way. But who knows? Look at me: I live in Pennsylvania, so I am simply a bitter, gun holding, bible thumping white guy... what do I know?

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI

With the 's arrival on our shores, I found myself remembering when I had the chance to see his predecessor 29 or 30 years ago. Besides having another reinforcement of my age (gah!), it was a nice that I was able to retell the story to my kids.

Becky at Just a girl in short shorts offers a great analysis of the Pope's message, and how it may well fall on far too many deaf ears.

In addition, she provided a link to the following:

Click here to make your own Fyrebug game

Back in 1979, when Saturday Night Live was still funny, (a/k/a ) offered his commentary on the arrival of John Paul II, including a contest: Find the Pope in the Pizza (see script). A blown-up image of a pepperoni pie, with a head shot of JP-II in the corner.

Somehow, I doubt either Pontiff would find offense at either of these jokes.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Cut to the quick

Here is today's lesson on How to feel old

  1. Get an account on FACEBOOK
  2. Have FB scan your address book to determine if people you know are already online
  3. Invite those other FB users to be your friends including your 21 year old nephew, proudly serving his country while studying in the AF Academy.
  4. Wait for his Wall post that reads:
    Hey Uncle Charlie!
    So the first question is...why do you have Facebook? Is it some disillusioned grasp at a missed childhood? Or possibly a way to feel less left out at work when the intern talk about the amazing incredible edible Internet! Well, what ever it is, good luck!
  5. Verbally say ouch
  6. Write something self-deprecating on his Wall, pointing out that since I am the one of the oldest in my group, none of the interns pay any attention to me anyways.
  7. Not wanting to sound bitter, remember to point out how proud we all are of him. Click POST.
  8. Head for a bourbon and ice.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

AirAmerica loses talent again

According to the Leather Penguin, and have parted company. Over a week ago Ms. Rhodes was indefinitely suspended over comments she made in a stand-up routine (oddly enough, I've read in a few places that the video of her routine was on AAR's website for more than a week before she was suspended).

If she left under her own steam, that's a questionable decision (IMHO); AAR still has quite a following in the Liberal Progressive (sorry, I keep making that mistake) world, but it is not without its many managerial faults. If she was fired, that's a certainly bad decision for AAR. At present, AAR still lists her as being in the 3PM (ET) lineup, and her website is still linked to theirs. Her own message board is buzzing of her departure, however.

What she said was abhorrent, but it was free speech. However, when you are easily identified by the company you work for, you have an obligation to not cast a bad light on your employer. Clearly, she was over-the-top in her comments.

As I said late Sunday night, while AAR had every right to suspend and even fire her, I hoped that she would return to the airways soon. For one thing, AAR severely lacks decent on-air talent. I may not agree with even 5% of what she says, but she has broadcast chops.

For another thing, from a business point of view, AAR is dying. In NYC, their 'flagship' station WWRL boasts only Ms. Rhodes and what appears to be a tape-delayed broadcast of . Combined with the fact that WWRL has about the broadcast range of a 40-channel CB radio, that's hardly a flagship, it's s dinghy. (I am old enough to remember 23-channel CB's, but also know their chips had more power than their 40-channel decedents).

She'll surface on-air, no doubt, but the end is certainly drawing nigh for AAR.

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Radio Daze go on and on

It's been a while since I posted about radio, talk radio specifically, and so I thought I'd catch up:

  • The I-Man rolls on: (streaming here) continues to add affiliates, as he approaches the one-year anniversary of making a poor joke on-air. While there have been casualties, coast-to-coast, with local -affiliate morning hosts getting canceled by his syndication, that is the nature of the business. Even if hadn't been fired, he could have caused the same problem had he not been renewed by the year or so he tripped up and was terminated.

    Curtis Sliwa, the voice of NYC's WABC/77AM survived after his 4 hour morning show was gutted. Instead of he and , along with news anchor George Weber, having the top-rated local morning show, Sliwa flies solo from 0500-0600 and then again from 1000 to 1145. Hardly worthy broadcast times for the veteran host, but compared to his colleagues, still has his job on WABC!

    I had lost track of George Weber, the long time morning news guy. His website had been stagnant during the weeks after Imus started, and apparently he was simply fired at the end of February (as some of you may have noticed, I've been busy of late, and have only just posted about this).

    Today I find out that George Weber just started as the weekend morning-drive on ABC Radio networks, and that he's joined the ranks of bloggers. While I have been a fan of Imus longer than Weber has been in NYC, I am glad to hear he landed on his feet.

  • Where have you gone ? That was the question I asked on Wednesday. As I've said in the past, I tend to listen to about 30-40 minutes of each day (mostly because their so-called NYC flagship has such a poor signal, I lose it it central NJ, about 20 minutes into my ride home).

    I find it interesting to compare what admitted Conservative talk radio host discuss (a la , , ) as compared to Liberal Progressive talk radio hosts. Of all of AirAmerica hosts, the only ones I can put up with are and Randi Rhodes.

    This week I noticed she was off air, and thought it was odd, since she had just returned from a vacation. Turns out, as you probably know, she was suspended indefinitely for comments she made during a stand-up routine she performed in San Francisco.

    I said I put up with Lionel and Rhodes because in my mind they're the only two on AirAmerica with any broadcast chops. While my own broadcast experience is limited, I do listen to over 5 hours of talk radio a day, so I have some cred in this area. That much said....

    On Friday, guest host Sam Sedar was openly discussing and taking calls on Ms. Rhodes' suspension. Several callers advocated complaining, en mass, to the AirAmerica management. While they are certainly entitled to voice their opinion, I'd recommend restraint.

    AirAmerica is a business, and while Ms. Rhodes wasn't speaking as an AirAmerica broadcaster at the stand-up event, she is still (principally) an AirAmerica employee. And, overall, their ratings suck. In NYC, their flagship has dropped their 1200-1500 talent (opposite Rush Limbaugh) for a local talk jock; that can't bode well for the home office!

    AirAmerica had every right to chastise Ms. Rhodes, to suspend her, for casting a bad light on their corporation. And they even have the right to fire her, but I do hope they do not do so.

    You see, while I am diametrically opposed to all of Ms. Rhodes' political views, we Conservatives do not wish to unduly silence the opinions of those who in opposition to us. That would be counter to the First Amendment (this is the principle argument against the so-called Fairness Doctrine).

    What she said was in bad taste, but that should not mean she should be fired. She had her wrist slapped, and now she should be back on the air. One has to scan this blog for my positions on the like of Trent Lott or Chris Dodd to understand this is not a new position for me.

    As a Conservative, I have to advocate for an equal playing field for those I agree with, and those I disagree with. While I have personally heard of Ms. Rhodes being satisfied with the Citadel firing Mr. Imus, I hope she isn't, herself fired.

    I understand AirAmerica Inc.'s decision to suspend her, but I do hope she comes back online, albeit a bit restrained, from making her company look bad. It is not that she isn't entitled to say the king is a fink! but that she could have exercised just a wee bit of decorum in doing so.

    Here's to free speech, and to Randi Rhodes returning to radio.

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Weekend Wamble

(OK, so the post title is silly, but I wanted something other than Quick Hits)

  • In the next two weeks, I will be training aggressively for an upcoming Martial Arts Tournament. In the nearly 5 years of my study if Tae Kwon Do, I have avoided all such tournaments, but I am faced with the necessity of participating in two of them if I ever expect to be eligible to test for my Black Belt.

    I am a 2nd Gup, a red-belt with a single black stripe. In the next year I need to participate in a 2 tournaments (at least). The thing is, while I believe I am serious in my study in TKD, I believe their are those who believe winning is everything, and will go to great lengths to get a silly trophy, even if it mean risking injury to their opponents.

    That's not me. I train for strength, for dexterity, and for basic defense. I do not intend on scoring points by (possibly) cracking the ribs of my opponent, even if there's a good chance he'll try to do the same to me. Somehow, I don't believe there is honor or dignity in such an effort.

    That is the principle reason I have avoided tournaments over the years: while I wish to display the results of my training to others, I don't give a damn about winning a trophy. In fact, even if I do win, I may leave it behind.... what the hell would I do with it anyway? However, I do know there are plenty of other would-be competitors who would risk penalties by trying to win at-any-cost. Maybe these guys don't have to go to work, but I certainly do.

    This should get interesting.

  • The other day, one of my customers came to my office. The gent is a federal employee, directly hired but the DoD, and we chatted about the project for a good 15 minutes, and then he strayed into politics.

    Now, anyone who has read my blog knows where I stand, politically, but I have maintained my independence to my customer. Upon his third lie about how he can't wait for the Democrat candidate to roll back the tax given only cuts for the rich, I had to speak up. I told him that not only did I get that tax cut, but so did he, everyone in the building, and everyone who was a federal tax payer get that tax cut. He tried to spin it that I was wrong, but I stood my ground, challenging him to proved proof that only the rich benefited, and all tax payers. He left my cubicle in a huff.

    This week should tell if I somehow cut my own throat (employment-wise) by pissing that guy off.

  • We have an Easter Lily in own home that is nearly in full bloom. Two more flowers will burst open tomorrow or Tuesday. My 5 year old has been dutifully watering it daily. When he realized there's just 2 more flowers to go, he announced Good... then I won't have to ever water it again! Gee, was it so hard to do these last few weeks? Mom asked him Do you think we should give you a drink if your thirsty later? He replied sure! She then pointed out that flowers and plants (like him) do need water after blooming.

  • there's probably more to post about, but I am tired.....

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Friday, April 04, 2008

Early morning, April 4 / A shot rings out in the Memphis sky

Free at last - they asked for your life, they could not take your pride!

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