Monday, March 17, 2008

Sen. Obama finally getting some scrutiny

Some weeks ago I gave several policy reasons why should not be president. Back then I had an inkling of the kind of inflammatory rhetoric his pastor used, but withheld it since I wanted to focus on what Sen. Obama, himself, had said.

The words of pastor , however, cannot be ignored. His church's website speaks in racially divisive tones, but few people (save ) picked up on it. Then the video of his inflammatory sermons started to make the rounds, and the media couldn't ignore him any longer.

Remember: Rev. Wright has played an integral part in Sen. Obama's campaign. Forget that the Senator has been in his church for 20 years, that the Pastor married Michelle and Barack, or that he Christened their children: I discount all that in that I could be in a church for that long and have had the pastor Christian my kids but I may not agree with everything he preached from the pulpit.

Let's focus on the Senator's keynote address from the 2004 Democratic Convention, and his book, both of which the senator credits Pastor Wright for his inspiration. Let's remember Rev. Wright was to be with the Senator when he first, formally announced his candidacy for president, but at the last minute removed him from the program. Let's remember that the pastor is a spiritual advisor to the campaign. All of these make Rev. Wright more than just a pastor of a large congregation that the Obama family happens to belong.

And then let's consider the words of Democratic strategist , who on This Week with George Stephanopolis stated that Rev. Wright's rhetoric is comparatively moderate to what she's accustomed to hearing.

Starting Friday, the good Senator began making the rounds of the Cable News programs to claim that he is against the inflammatory words of his pastor.

No, no, no, not God Bless America. God Damn America. - Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Is it any wonder is only now beginning to be proud of America?

Obama leads a double life. He's got the life before he decided to run for president -- a year and a half or two years ago -- and he has the decades of life prior to that, and that life we're not supposed to ask about.

Taken all together, it is hard to believe Sen. Obama is only now learning of the racist rants of Rev. Wright.

In other news:

  • Sen. Obama's campaign states the senator is on friendly terms with William Ayers, late of the radical Leftist terrorist group The Weather Underground (a/k/a The Weathermen) who successfully bombed the Pentagon (among other public targets in the US) while calling for a violent overthrow of the US Government.

    Friendly? How friendly is he with this lunatic?

  • The trial of Tony Rezko continues, but we seldom hear of the connection between the Senator and the accused. Mr. Rezko is facing charges of extortion, money laundering and fraud. In the interest of full-disclosure, Mr. Rezko has been tied to both Senators Clinton and Obama, yet little is heard about this trial.

  • Sen. Obama wants us to believe he would stand up against all threats to country (foreign and domestic), yet he still avoids Fox News Sunday:

Ask yourself this: were Sen. Obama a Republican, do you think the media would be so silent about all of these casual acquaintances and outright avoidance of a major media outlet??

Wizbang has the breakdown of how Pennsylvania's upcoming primary will shape up, a state where Sen. Obama is running radio ads encouraging Independents (and others) to register as Democrats in time for the April primary. Remember that the next time someone says Rush Limbaugh adversely influenced the Texas primary.

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