Friday, March 21, 2008

Passport Breaches

The news just over the wires is that all 3 candidates have had their passport files breached.

Big whup.

Last night CNN & MSNBC made Sen. Obama's passport fies being accessed as something of a breach of national security. I watched Andrea Mitchell on Keith Olberman scratching their heads trying to figure out why someone accessed the Senator's files on days immediately after primaries. I am not a reporter (nor do I play one on TV.... =wink=) but even I can deduce that people saw Obama's name in the headlines the day after the primaries. And some of those people work as government contractors, like for the State Department.

Need I spell it out any further?

Is it a crime to access passport data without cause? Probably. Should they be prosecuted? Sure, to whatever extent is applicable. Unless you can prove it wasn't simply a case of star-struck curiosity (for all we know, these people are fans of the respective candidates), this matter is dealt with. It's not a high-crime, but it does get Sen. Obama's pastor off the front page.

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