Sunday, March 16, 2008

Old traditions, a new survey and blogs

Growing up in a Catholic household, traditions have always been a part of my life. As this is the Easter season, and today in particular, many of those traditions come to life.

One of them is Palm Braids my father has tried to instill upon his kids and grandkids. Overall, he's been successful with my brothers, and their kids, but I have miserably to learn the technique for more than a few hours. And while my 12 year old son picks up on it well, he always needs a starting run to find his groove, and I am always unable to provide it.

And, let's be real, my dad won't live forever. So I decided to do the next best thing: I recorded to DVD him making his 2 favorite braids, talking his way through the process. And let me remind you: this man has been legally blind most of his life, and totally so for about the last year. Yet his hands worked those branches like a surgeon.

He was very pleased to know the tradition will continue in my home, in spite of my ineptitude (my description of my abilities, not his). He even told me to put him on YouTube, but only if he gets 10% of whatever royalties I make.

Clearly, what I have now is priceless.

Check out Anne's Tiny Kingdom and participate in an online survey; who knows, you may win a prize! I did, and came to a realization I had been hedging about. I have a second blog. No, you haven't read it, and oddly enough you aren't likely to do so, even if you wanted to, because it isn't in the public domain (I do so hate the term blogosphere).

Anne's survey, for BlogHer, inquired if I wrote for blog(s) and if so, how many, and I found myself hesitating but then realized I have been cheating on my own blog (this one) since January. The other blog started as an experiment and wasn't supposed to last long, yet I posted to it this past week.

Don't ask for permission to see it; you won't get it. But I will ask you something: have you ever written a blog that no one (or a select few) ever read? Is doing this sort of a diary, and if so, is there any long term point to it, or is it merely an exercise I'll grow weary of in time?

Just curious, that's all...

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