Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Fat Lady hasn't sang yet

So many people planned on securing the nomination last night. Didn't I tell you not to count out ?

Now, Pennsylvania's primary suddenly matters. This will also curtail the hemorrhaging of other SuperDelegates, such as David Scott and John Lewis, from changing sides and pledging their support to Sen. Obama. Endorsing a candidate is always a risky proposition: those who do so early are heralded as being a leader (at least at first); midway through any campaign, those who jump on risk the opposition candidate gaining ground (not unlike how Sen. Clinton is still a contender), and those who come on board just before the polls close aren't particularly noticed.

The main problem these two Democrat candidates have, as I've said in this blog before, is that there's barely a difference between the two of them. THAT'S why it's been so close from the beginning. Yes, Sen. Obama claims he'll pull out troops from Iraq... sure, and President Clinton pledged that middle-class tax cut, too, remember? If Sen. Obama does win (and that remains a pretty big 'if'), he'll soon learn the political realities of the region. Else he may well cause a complete collapse of the fledgling democracy, quite probably including genocide, and then he'll blame it all on his predecessor.

The campaign for the Democrat Nomination is not over yet. not by a long shot. Wait for the legal challenges to Florida and Michigan; don't believe for a second Sen. Clinton will let those go by the wayside. Remember, this sort of legal challenges aren't new: remember 2002, when an indicted Sen. Robert Torricelli had to drop out of his senate re-election bid (in late September!) and the Democrats went to court to fight against the existing laws governing nominated candidates just so they could prop up Sen. Frank Lautenberg. Remember, also, 2000, when the DNC went to court to change the Florida election laws --- after the polls were closed.

Remember, also, 1984, when VP Walter Mondale worked hard, behind the scenes, to encourage the allegedly pledged delegate for Sen. Gary Hart to switch sides -- yet another example of Democrats truly counting the votes.

This nomination process will go to the Convention - if not beyond - before we know who the Democrat challenger to Sen. John McCain will be.

And by then, the Democrat candidate will be battered and bruised, and Sen. McCain will be waiting.

As a political junkie, I am loving this!

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