Friday, March 28, 2008

Earth Hour

Alright, calling all carbon-consuming eco-terroists out there!

This Saturday night is the 2nd annual . At 8PM this Saturday (in your local time zone), everyone is supposed to shut off all non-essential electrical devices as a way to help save the earth.

As a parent of 2 boys (12 and 5) I find myself channeling my own father, as each day I hear myself reminding my sons I do not work for the power company (a decidedly archaice and inaccurate statement, as my cousin is an executive for NY's Consolidated Edison, and he pays for his electricity, too). So while I am well aware of the money saving potential of shutting off unused lights, it is absurd events such as this one that encourage me to tell my sons to turn on every light in the house (for that hour). This whole concept is like those e-mail urban legends about not buying gas on this specific day as a way of protesting Big Oil and sending them a message; nonsense.

Neither the utilities nor the environment will even NOTICE that the workd turned off their lights for an hour. It's more feel-good activitites that amount to propaganda and produce nothing.

On the other hand... there are several dozen rack mounted servers, tape drives, modems, routers, and related equipment in each of 4 server rooms connected to my job. I suppose we should pay someone to come to work Saturday evening and power them all down in time for 8pm, then restart them all. So let's see: I could take that job: I'll drive my car 110 miles (one way) to get to labs by 6:30PM (it takes just over an hour to have an orderly shut-down), shut them all down, wait the hour, then refire them all. So with the 4 hours of travel time, about 2 hours of work time and the one hour of 'lights off' (all billed at the weekend rate), I should make a fair amount of cash.

I wonder to whom I should send the bill for my time and expenses?

Find more on this nonsense here.

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