Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bullet Time

There is a self-gratifying reason to blog. You can look back and point to events you personally chronicled and recall the details simply by reading your post at the time. And by making detailed posts about specific events, you have a great historic reference.

Now, keep in mind, the blogger's own honesty is called into question. For example, I could simply pre-date a post right now, predicting the demise of the ' 2007 season, and say See? I knew it!

Be that as it may, I find myself lately looking back at what I blogged 4 years ago, and find how many similarities to matters being discussed today, in the current election cycle.

This week we all learned, much to many people's chagrin, that embellished (OK: lied) about events surrounding a visit to Bosnia 12 years ago. That she lied doesn't shock me. But what struck me as peculiarly odd was the recent silence of .

Ms. Clinton has been in the thick of her mom's campaign for some time now, and has even given speeches of her own and met with the press. And yet she remained silent as her candidate, her mom, reported being under gunfire. And Chelsea was there, with her, under fire.

How did Chelsea, the 28 year old campaign advisor, not say Um, Mom? When you were running from the snipers, was I there with you? I mean, are you thinking of somewhere else? Which begs me to wonder whether she's even paying attention to her mother's campaign, or if she somehow knowingly remained silent on this point (and if she was quiet on this point, on what else has she held her tongue?).

If nothing else, was happy to have a distraction from his campaign; I personally have trouble understanding how a vacation to the Virgin Islands helped his campaign under fire in regards to his mentor/former pastor/former campaign advisor and his hate speech. But Mrs. Clinton rescued him by providing headline fodder that took the focus off Obama.

You'd think this would be a lesson to all politicians to blog themselves, even if not publicly, so they can check back on what they did when, before they speak of their participation in notable events.

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