Thursday, February 21, 2008

What I am reading, and how

OK, I admit.

After about 5 6 years of using Bloglines, I've migrated to Google Reader. It's not that Bloglines hasn't improved over the years, it's just that I wasn't impressed with it's beta version.

I tried Google Reader about a year ago, and seriously did not like its interface. It maybe lacked the option to show only updated feeds .. I can't recall what turned me off, but I tripped over it a few weeks ago, and I have been gradually adapting to it.

One of the nice perks is its shared items, which are posts that I read that I find worthy to be shared with others. This means trackbacks to other sites may be fewer, as I'll only post about a certain other post when I can perhaps make a worthy editorial about the item. You can see my favorites just below my Blogroll.

If you use Google Reader, too, you can see my shared items right in your reader (if we exchange e-mail, we get each other feeds by default). For everyone else, you can add this feed to your feed reader.

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