Friday, February 08, 2008

What are your weekend plans?

An e-mail from my boss' boss greeted me when I sat down at about 06:40 this morning:


Given your past performance on other_project_acronym1, I thought you may be the person on the current_project_acronym team with the most 'formal' knowledge of Logistics as a process. Attached is a brochure on implementing performance-based logistics that the gov't is asking us to comment on. Would you skim it and make comments, as appropriate? A charge code is included. Pls return NLT 08:00 Monday.

First off, in spite of the fact I have corrected the senior manager several times, he still misspells my name.

Second, while I am, of course, flattered at his compliments of me, what cannot be shown in this posting is that the brochure he refers to is a PDF file weighing in at about 4MB.

You will forgive me if I am not posting much this weekend...

1Some clarity of the acronyms can be found here.

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