Saturday, February 16, 2008

Such an "opportunity"

Checking the old inbox this week revealed an interesting career opportunity..

1.1 We have reviewed your resume on Careerbuilder and would like to consider you for the position in our financial operations department of our company. company_name was based in 2003 as a financial organization that provides the spectrum of services in the sphere of precious metals market operations. The company specializes in the sphere of precious metals operations like selling and exchanging of gold\silver\platinum\palladium for our customers. Our priority is to concentrate the major forces on the quality of service. We handle the client`s operations, assist immediately and maintain the customer. Company_name is a licensed and accredited precious metal seller (ISO license). We have been more than three years in this business already, and have reached remarkable success. Citizens of more than 20 countries all over the world (USA, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe) are glad to work with our company. We provide the service of purchasing, selling or exchanging of precious metals. Quality, speed and safeness are the words of our motto. Years of experience, serious reputation, international deals - it all takes the shape of the successful functioning and developing today. We are proud of our results and have reasonable presuppositions to move further. Company_name has got the representation all over Europe, Asia and Australia. And now you are getting a good chance of joining a fast-developing, successful team, and gaining lots of career promotion possibilities.

1.2 Privileges of position we offer:
- Worthy money.
- Getting more experience, strong online support
- Gliding working hours

- At least 21 years of age
- Discipline, attention and responsibility
- Personal cell phone
- Clean record. Be legally trouble-free
- Access to the internet during the daytime

1.3 > Should I make any investments to begin my work? How do I get my salary? You do not have to invest as the company covers all obligatory expenses.

> What about bonuses?
Being employed by our company you are entitled to 2 weeks vacation paid, twice a year. As for the first vacation it can be taken in not less than 3 months of working. The company also covers all taxes for you. You will receive an invoice from the company for declaring your income. Then the company is to cover all taxes applicable.
We appreciate that you have paid your attention to our offer.

> Will i receive any training?
During the whole process you will be guided by your personal manager, who will update you on the latest payments made, and who will guide you via email during the whole process. After being employed for a year, you will be able to join our Career Development Program.

> Can i expect a career growth?
Your first post can be increased already after a year of successful work.

For further details, e-mail us at:
Thank you for your time,
firstname lastname.

The font, spacing and the entire message is shown above as it was recieved in my e-mail (names changed, of course). This includes the use of lowercase 'i' in the FAQ area, the '>' starting each section, and the less-than-business style of writing.

That this so poorly written from an employment point of view, and that I haven't been on CareerBuilder in over 3 years, demonstrates how gullible this person must think the people reading it must be. I would think their definition of worthy salary and mine would differ, and I can honestly state I never heard of gliding working hours. However, I am intrigued that owning my own cell phone seems to be a prerequisite.

Suffice it to say I am not going to pursue this opportunity, nor would have I done so when I was temporarily under-employed 3 years ago. I will wager there's a lot of people who would be foolish to go after this lead; I just hope no one loses their farm over it.

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